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1. What is the Foreclosure Mediation Program?
2. What foreclosure cases qualify for the Foreclosure Mediation Program?
3. Is participation in the Foreclosure Mediation Program mandatory?
4. What forms are involved the Foreclosure Mediation Program?
5. What happens if the Notice forms is not served on the homeowner with the writ, summons and complaint?
6. Does participation in the Foreclosure Mediation Program stay the foreclosure action?
7. Is there a fee for mediation?
8. What are the qualifications of the mediators? Where will mediations be held?
9. How long is the mediation period?
10. When will the first mediation session be held?
11. What issues will be addressed at the mediation?
12. Do I need to have my client present at the mediation session?
13. Who may I contact if I have questions?